Experience with my friend(utkarsh) parents

Utkarsh is my flat mate.recently his parents has visited our house in pune. What I’m impress about his parents visits is his mom’s kind nature. Now that I’m old enough to realize how much his mother has done for me and utkarsh even after she just landed in pune after 15 to 16 hours of journey. she’s someone i truly look up to. Her hard work throughout the 2 day to support us, taking care of us.

Perhaps, the one thing that is going to took me by surprise and also deeply touched me is the warm hospitality of her. she was our guest and we were suppose to ask any preferences for food or drink but it was totally a different experience thought 2 days. She make us feel like we were the guest at her home.

Here is small incident with me. it was utkarsh birthdays. So they went out side for family lunch and I was stayed at home and was busy in doing my some work. when they were came back, she insisted cook a lunch for me and this is second time she caught my special attention.


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